Pastor Search

Updated: March 11, 2017



Meeting Address:
665 – 136th Avenue, 
Holland, MI 49424

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 92, Zeeland, MI 49464

Dear Pastor and church,

We are Spurgeon Heritage Church, a small Baptist congregation that is renting an office and meeting in one of the conference rooms of the Macatawa Resource Center, in Holland, MI. We are Sovereign Grace in character, Calvinistic in doctrine, Baptistic in nature, favoring New Covenant Theology, and fully intent on living holy lives until the Lord comes again.

In December of 2012, our pastor, Victor Edwards, had retired from active ministry due to health problems that hindered him from adequately performing his pastoral duties. He has since moved out of state to be closer to his family.

We then hired a new pastor in April of 2014, and as of May 30, 2015 he decided to pursue a full time ministry. On November 29, 2016 he and his wife were killed in a tragic car accident.

So, we are again actively pursuing a new candidate to fill the senior pastor position.

In the mean time we have had four committed, Godly men who have come to minister to us and be a pulpit supply while we are in transition.

One thing for certain is that we have committed ourselves to is that our pulpit is not open to just any person who might stand up and preach, but those who are in accord with our doctrinal stance and our faith practices. We are Baptists, but not the “garden-variety” Baptists. We are also Calvinistic in doctrine, which many Baptist churches today are not. Thus, our outreach to those churches is not likely to yield many qualified individuals. We understand the difficulty we are sure to experience in seeking to locate a pastor or preachers who might help us. Our identity is not the usual one for our day. But we feel it essential to continue in the faith once delivered to the saints,” and to maintain that precious faith and practice that has been a blessing now for more than a decade. We will gladly suffer the difficulty of locating those of like faith to assist us, but we need your help to do so.

Some job qualifications would include: adherence to the doctrines of grace, favoring New Covenant Theology, Calvinistic, and Baptistic in nature. [NCT taught by John Reisinger, Blake White, Douglas Goodin, Charles Leiter, etc.]

Candidate must also be willing to be bi-vocational until such time as the Lord sees fit to add to the church in number.

If you or your congregation thinks that you might be able to assist us in this task, we welcome your contact, or, if you know of anyone who might be interested, please forward the information in this letter to themWe have an informational packet for each potential candidate that we will either mail or email to you, whichever works better for you.

Below is all the contact information you may need to setup an interview.

Gerin Woodbury, Head Deacon.

Email: Phone: 616.931.7071

Clay Ashby, Deacon.

Email: Phone: 616.403.8869

We ask that even if there is nothing you can do that you might hold us up in prayer to our Lord that we might find a suitable preacher/pastor/teacher that would continue the good work God has initiated in our midst. Thank you for your prayers and for your consideration of our request.

To request our informational documents, please contact us by email at