Spurgeon Heritage Church believes in the Doctrines of Grace, that are called by some as “Calvinistic.” C.H. Spurgeon just called it what the Bible teaches. T.U.L.I.P. is an abbreviation representing the five parts of Calvinistic belief:

T – Total Depravity or Inability

Mankind, in its fallen nature, hates God and is completely unable to do anything to save themselves because a person's entire nature (body, will, mind, emotions, etc.) has been corrupted by sin.

U – Unconditional Election

God, from before the creation and from the mass of fallen humanity chose and predestined some people to be saved and passed by the others. God's election is unconditional and not based on anything at all in the elect persons but according to His sovereign good pleasure and eternal purpose.

L – Limited Atonement

God's design of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross was substitutionary in nature, and designed to redeem, ransom, reconcile, and atone for the sins of those who were elected in eternity past—and them only.

I – Irresistible Grace

Those God elected and redeemed are, in time, powerfully and effectually determined to embrace the Gospel by faith. This work is commonly called the new birth or regeneration in which mankind is entirely passive until enabled to repent and believe.

P – Perserverance of the Saints

Those elected, redeemed and effectually called will be preserved in holiness of life by God's sanctifying grace and shall never finally fall away, but will be sustained by grace to the end.